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Father's Day Celebration 2017 - UCIS Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our Father's Day celebration was held today during our morning assembly.

After the raising of the Flag and the singing of the National Anthem, the students and staff listened to a speech presented by Daniel Johnson from Grade 5, explaining the meaning of this most important National Holiday. Daniel, in his speech also paid respect and remembered King Rama lX, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The speech was written by Mrs Kanyaphorn (Mod) Johnson, and we thank her for her time in preparing such an informative and wonderful speech.


After Daniel, had finished his speech, Moses Mikey Ivey delivered a beautiful poem about how important " Father's " are in our lives. Both students and staff listened intently as Moses recited the poem, and students and staff reflected on the love and admiration they have for their fathers.

The poem that was presented during the presentation was written by Miss Jeeraphorn (Ice) Johnson, and again we thank her for her time and devotion in preparing such a beautiful poem.


To close out today's event, Miss Vanessa Gerardin gave a fantastic performance of the song "Hero".

Vanessa is one of our Grade 5 students who has excelled in the creative arts, and who is an avid student of both music and song.

We thank her for her wonderful performance today and, I am sure, both students and staff look very much forward to seeing her perform again for the school in the near future.



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