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Field Trip to Wing 41, Royal Thai Air Force

Our most sincere gratitude goes to the staff of Wing 41, Royal Thai Air Force for hosting Kindergarten 3 to Grade 6 on our field trip to the airbase at Wing 41, Chiang Mai. Our students received a demonstration of the Royal Thai Air Force military working dogs. These dogs conducted the commands sit, stay, walk, heel as well as a quick obstacle course. Additionally, we got to see how Nipon tracked the smell of a potential suspect using one of our student’s shoe. We also observed how a dog would attack a criminal if the situation needed. The second part of our field trip we went to Tango Squadron and had the opportunity to look at current and former aircraft of the Royal Thai Air Force. Our students got a brief on airplanes including the L39, which is on active service with Squadron 411, here in Chiang Mai. The students were able to sit in the O1-B Birddog aircraft, the TF Turbofan aircraft, and the OV-10D Bronco. It was a great day learning about Wing 41, some of its people, and some of the history of the airplanes flown by the Royal Thai Air Force.

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