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It was Unity 1's turn to go to Ginger Farm this week. The students learned about farming and rice field agriculture. The highlight for everyone was the lambs and other animals along with getting to do some craft painting. It was a great time and a wonderful learning experience for all our students.




***The photos for G1c and G2 will be posted next week as they had their field trip today :)***

Grade 5-6:

As promised, here is the grade 5-6 video from their field trip!

Upcoming School Closures:

Sports Day:

Sports day for Unity 1 and 2 will be held next week. More details can be found here. Please note parents are only invited to the Unity 1 (Prek-G2) sports day. Unity 2 is for students only.

Kindergarten 3 Graduation

Information regarding the Kindergarten 3 Graduation at the end of the school year can be found here. Invites will be issued soon :)

Grade 8 Promotion

Similarly, information for the Grade 8 promotion to High School Ceremony can be found here. Invites will be issued soon :)


Our Unity 1 students got back in the swimming pool this week after a long extended absence due to the smokey season. They couldn't have been happier :)


Finally, newsletters will be available here this weekend.

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