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UCIS Daily Update

PTA Reminder - First meeting tomorrow Thursday, 31st January, 2019

This semester Unity would like to invite parents to participate in the Unity 2 Parent Teacher Association (U2PTA).

U2PTA aims to strengthen the relationship between the parents and teachers of Unity 2. All are welcome to participate. The main language of the meetings will be English, but every effort will be made to include parents of all nationalities. The meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month, at U2 Campus.


Air Quality at School

There are times of the year when we experience poor air quality in Chiang Mai and we know this is an issue of importance for many of our parents. At Unity Concord International School, we make every effort to ensure we provide a safe environment for our children to learn in and have therefore put the following systems and procedures in place.

  • Real-time Air Quality Index readings will be checked daily.

  • Air quality in the immediate school grounds will be checked daily.

  • Classroom air quality will be checked daily.

  • Windows and doors will remain open, with the screens drawn, only if external air quality is suitable.

  • Suitable plants will be placed throughout the school to naturally assist in maintaining high levels of internal air quality.

  • Electronic air purifiers will be placed in all classrooms.

The AQI measurements that Unity Concord International School use are taken from our onsite air quality meter. The readings refer to the air quality at the high school/elementary UCIS building.


Chinese New Year Celebration

Dear Wonderful Parents of our Chinese Students,

Next Tuesday, February 5th, will be UCIS’ Chinese New Year Celebration! We are so excited to celebrate the colorful culture surrounding Chinese New Year with songs, music, poetry, cultural activities, and food, and we need YOUR help!

We are asking our wonderful Chinese parents to help bring our festival to life by contributing in bringing in dumplings and helping at the food station! Whether it is store-bought or your own family recipe, we would love to let our international students have a taste of this staple Chinese food. Please bring around 50 dumplings each.

Come dressed in your traditional Chinese attire and enjoy a morning of cultural celebrations with us! See you there!

Much Love,

Teacher Joanne, Teacher Claire, and Teacher Shelagh


下周二,2月5日,将是UCIS的中国新年庆祝活动! 我们非常高兴能够通过歌曲,音乐,诗歌,文化活动和美食来庆祝中国新年丰富多彩的文化,我们请求您的帮助!

我们希望我们的中国家长能够带上饺子到学校的食品站帮助庆祝节日! 无论是商店购买还是您自家手工制作,我们都希望让我们的各国学生品尝到这种主食。请各带50个饺子。

穿上您的中国传统服饰,与我们当天早上一起共庆文化盛典! 不见不散!




100 Days of School Celebration

"Happy 100th! It's the 100th day of school, everyone! It may feel like we've been in school for 100 years, but every day is a gift. This Friday we celebrate 100 days of school this year, we encourage our staff and students to dress up as an eldery person


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