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UCIS Update

Air Pollution

Another month down, lets hope this month brings us cleaner air! UCIS is trying to address the problem as effectively as possible but the air is so variable each day that we can only make decisions as the information is available. As a school and as part of the international school community, we are continuing our efforts to make the government hear our objections to the management of the pollution situation. Each day we will update you with regard to school closures or recommending students are collected based on the information at that time.

As you are aware each classroom and student areas have air purifiers. We continue to keep all windows and doors closed along with cancelling all outside play and events. Levels over 400 we do recommend that you keep your children at home or come to collect them as we announced today. Luckily the air quality is now improving this afternoon :)


They are now available here

Wear Yellow - Coronation ceremony of King Rama 10

The Thai Government announced that for the whole month of April until July, everyone is asked to participate by wearing yellow in connection to the celebration of the upcoming coronation ceremony of King Rama 10. If you can't wear it everyday, we advise that you participate by wearing yellow every Tuesday for the month of April until July. Please note, we require students to continue to wear their uniform each day so they are not required to wear yellow.

Grade 11 Science

Recently, Grade 11 UP Physics students gave presentations on various topics related to gravitation. They taught each other about Einstein, black holes, comets, and what life would be like without gravity.

Grade 8 Up English

In Middle School UP English, students are studying the many different types of texts in the English language and their features. After writing short stories for the narrative text type and making posters for countries around the world for the informational text type, students were given the chance to follow along an easy recipe to make s’mores!


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