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  • English Language Arts
    In English Language Arts, we follow the Common Core standards. Students are encouraged to meet rigorous standards in spelling, reading, writing and grammar, and listening and speaking. A wide range of differentiation in learning styles and complexity are offered at every grade level.
  • Mathematics
    In Elementary Mathematics we use the MyMath curriculum, which is aligned with Common Core standards. This acclaimed curriculum encourages students from grade 1-5 not only to perform calculations, but also to discuss and understand the deeper principles behind them.
  • Science
    In Elementary Science, our students follow four strands of inquiry through grades 1-5: Life Science, Earth Science, Earth in the Solar System, and Physical Science. Our students are able to use the High School laboratories regularly in order to prepare them for the challenging middle school procedures.
  • Social Studies
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  • Music
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  • Art
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  • Computer
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To make payment online, we have Ali-Pay, Bangkok Bank, or Siam Bank options. Please upload the payment slip as requested in the form below.

  1. Siam Commercial Bank (Big C Chiang Mai, Don Jan Branch

    • Account Name: Unity Concord International School

    • Account Number: 842-232142-0                             

  2. Bangkok Bank (San Pa Khoi Branch)

    • Account Name: Unity Concord International School

    • Account Number: 253-4-56110-1

  3. Ali-Pay

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