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About Unity Concord International School Chiang Mai

International school chiang mai

Unity Concord International School Chiang Mai (UCIS) was opened in 2017 by Amporn and Chugait Garmolgomut. The Garmolgomuts are award-winning teachers and school administrators with more than 30 years’ experience as educators. The other schools operated by Amporn and Chugait Garmolgomut are Americana Chinese International School (ACIS - August 2019), British Chinese International School (BCIS - August 2021), Little Stars Bilingual School, Ambassador Bilingual Academy (July 2020), Ambassador Bilingual School (ABS), CEC Language School and Finn College.

Unity Concord International School originated in response to the growing need of an increasing population and the requests of parents seeking to enrol their children in an American education system. This need, backed by a school which will provide the opportunity for their children to attend higher-level education at University both in Thailand and abroad, is why Unity Concord International School was established.


The school was founded (2016) and opened its doors to students on August 28th, 2017, at the time only offering Pre-Kindergarten to grade 5 with an enrollment of approximately 150 students. This number climbed throughout the year to approximately 220 students by the end of the second semester. 

The 2018-19 school year began with the opening of a new campus on the other side of the superhighway to grow our International School. Pre-Kindergarten to grade 2 remained on the first campus while grades 3 to 11 migrated to the new location. The addition of grades 6-11 raised the enrolment to its current level of approximately 580 students. Unity Concord International School is split almost evenly between genders with boys outnumbering girls by a marginal 3%.

For the 2019-20 school year, all grades moved to the new campus with the opening of the new PreK-G2 Building. For staff and grade 9-12 students, there is also free use of our fully equipped Falcon Fitness Gym. The new Unity 2 campus includes an area devoted to student housing, small businesses, and various dining options. This area is known as Unity Park and was designed with the purpose of providing a convenient service to the parents and students alike. Being on a major thoroughfare provides good accessibility for families bringing their students to and from Unity Concord International schools campus. 

For the 2020-21 school year, our new Grade 3-5 building and fully air conned indoor gymnasium will open.

The class sizes are capped at 20 per classroom grades Pk-K3, 26 for grades 1-5 and 32 in grades 6-12 to maintain the desired student to teacher ratio. Our Student population consists primarily of Thai, Chinese, Korean, American, and mixed-race individuals. Thai students account for approximately 37% of the population with Chinese contributing almost 33%. This makes a total of 70% falling into one of those categories and the remaining 30% divided between American (~4%), Korean (~5%), and various other nationality students. The other nationalities include mixed-nationality students who account for approximately 21% of the total population.

Unity Concord International School is registered with the Ministry of Education of Thailand, I.S.A.T. (The International Schools Association of Thailand), ONESQA (Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment) and W.A.S.C* (The Western Association of Schools and Colleges) which is an official academic body responsible for the accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools in California, USA.

*Candidate for Accreditation.


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