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UCIS & ABS Staff Sports Day, 2017

Unity Concord International School and Ambassador Bilingual School recently held their Staff Sports Day. The day was a huge success, and began with a parade by the ABS Staff, who marched over to the UCIS Campus with an enthusiasm and display of confidence that was a little intimidating for the UCIS team.

Many events took place throughout the afternoon, including a Cheer Leading competition, Chair Ball, Football and of course a Volley Ball match. The athletic abilities of the staff was quite impressive, and the competitiveness was at an all time high.

ABS were the well deserved winners at the conclusion of the afternoons events, and the UCIS staff were very gracious in their defeat. No doubt, a rigorous training schedule will be put in place by both camps, in anticipation for next years event.


Unity Concord International School & Ambassador Bilingual School, Thailand, held their annual staff "Sports Day" on December 4th, 2017.

ABS Staff need to be congratulated for the time & effort they put into making a spectacular parade, and for the enthusiasm they displayed as they proceeded to walk over to the UCIS grounds. Ajarn Ampon made her opening speech declaring " The Games to Begin".


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