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UCIS Daily Update

Track & Field

Monday, January 28th marked the CMAC Junior Track and Field Meet Championships at Prem Tinsulanonda International School. 7 students from UCIS's Unity 1 campus competed in a variety of running and field events in the 6-7 year old age group. Mora (G2) took home the only medal for the Falcons - earning the silver medal for her performance in the long jump. Mora (G2) finished 12th overall for 6-7 year old girls for combined points, and Summer (G2) finished 23rd overall for 6-7 year old boys for combined points. Congratulations to all of our students involved in Junior Track and Field and to Teacher Holly (G1A) for her successful first season as Junior Track and Field Coach


Football - Cultural exchange game with a school visiting from China

On Monday, January 28th, UCIS welcomed a visiting school from China for a cultural exchange session and friendly soccer matches. The students met at the Unity 2 campus and both UCIS and the visiting school shared information about what it is like to attend their respective schools.

Following that, the schools participated in friendly soccer matches featuring the schools' U14 and U10 teams on the new soccer pitch at Unity 2. The brief event featured the perfect combination of education, sports, and fun.


Class Activities


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