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Daily Update

Falcon Fitness

We are delighted to announce our new gym will be opening soon. It will cost 50 Baht per day and an additional 100 Baht per class. Gym entry will be free for Unity's Grade 9-12 students but classes will still be 100 Baht (Zumba, Yoga etc.)


Chinese New Year Celebration


下周二,2月5日,将是UCIS的中国新年庆祝活动! 我们非常高兴能够通过歌曲,音乐,诗歌,文化活动和美食来庆祝中国新年丰富多彩的文化,我们请求您的帮助!

我们希望我们的中国家长能够带上饺子到学校的食品站帮助庆祝节日! 无论是商店购买还是您自家手工制作,我们都希望让我们的各国学生品尝到这种主食。请各带50个饺子。

穿上您的中国传统服饰,与我们当天早上一起共庆文化盛典! 不见不散!



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During which we made a dordle pit break at a ski resort on the way to the last tracks of the season, we were greeted with conditions that included gloomy sky, snowflakes, and temperatures that were below freezing. Let's just say that the circumstances for witnessing the eclipse were not quite picture perfect.

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