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Welcome to our latest blog post. We had several events last week and continue reading to find out more!

International Day

One of our biggest events of the year was on Friday 22nd March. All our classes each had a chosen country where they then dressed up, learned all about the culture of their countries and their food. A lot of fun was had and it was a great success. Thanks to all who participated :)

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was our anti-bullying campaign to help raise awareness, discuss any related topics, and get the students thinking about this important issue. This is something that UCIS takes very seriously and will not tolerate. Our goal for the week was to help raise awareness, talk about the different forms of bullying, and teach what things can be done to prevent or stop bullying. 

Teacher Matthew (G5B) and Teacher Rami (ESL G3-6) will hosted a short discussion for the students whereby several short speeches were delivered by the student council, and a quick video. Teachers also discussed bullying during their classes.

Thanks to Teacher Rami for taking the lead on this important topic and making it a huge success.

Human Trafficking

Our Grade 10 & 11 students recently had an important presentation on the issue of human trafficking and what can be done to prevent it.

Grade 8 Activities

The first set of photos is great 8 showing off their amazing Math projects and the second is Teacher Beau showing the students how to use the equipment in our new Fitness Gym

Grade 3a & 4A PE

The students are getting better by the day at badminton. Do we have a future champion in our midst!!


The U1 PTA meeting is today at 5pm in the Unity 1 Cafeteria, The U2 PTA is on Thursday 28th March in the Unity 2 Library.


Are now available here -

Falcon Fitness

Our new Gym is now open to the public from 8am - 3pm & 5pm -8pm. The cost is 50baht per day and 100baht per group class (gym entry included). For more information please email

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