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Chiang Dao Wildfire Relief Project

Thank you to everyone who donated items to be given to the firefighters and families in need in the Chiang Dao area. We are super proud of our Unity Community and the way we come together to help those in need. Thank you to the teachers and staff who were able to attend and give their time on their day off to help others! We are so blessed and grateful.

Sameuang wildfire relief project

This is now complete. We donated 3 blowers, rice, milk, energy drinks, and snacks to the parents of UCIS students who have a connection with the people in Sameuang. If more items are donated the parent will come pick them up and distibute those items. They needed these items urgently last Friday. Thank you!

First Aid Training

30 of Unitys staff recently undertook First Aid training. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure staff at Unity are all first aid trained. Three more of our staff undertook a First Aid trainers course and are now certified to train the remaining staff. Unity wants to be prepared in the unlikely event a student, staff or member of the public comes into difficulty when on campus.


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Many of you have expressed concerns about next year's school calendar, especially with the current crisis of bad air quality.

We have listened and modified our 2019-2020 School Calendar to accommodate for next year's Smokey season. There will now be a three week break in March.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we will need to reduce the Christmas break by one week, reduce Songkran by one week and adjust teaching days to accommodate this. There will still be 183 teaching days (more than 2018/19), the minimum required is 180.

Thank you for entrusting us with your students.

Songkran Dates

Lunch Menu

Aprils lunch menu can be found here -