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UCIS Update

Happy Valentines Day!

Make sure you check out tomorrows update to see the photos from today. Our students at U2 are also having a bake sale today and selling roses & balloons to raise funds for the student council.

Falcon Fitness

Our gym is getting closer to being opened to the public. As of now UCIS staff and using the equipment to test to ensure everything is safe for students (Grade 9-12) and public (18+). IF you want to see what the gym looks like please have a look at these photos!

G1C Activities

G4A Science

Grade 4A yesterday had an activity in science where they explored how raindrops form and built their knowledge of the water cycle.


On Wednesday, February 13th, UCIS's JV Boys Basketball team was eliminated from CMAC playoffs following a 67-35 loss to Nakornpayap International School (NIS) in a game played at JUMP ARENA.  Leading the way for the Falcons were Pond (G7), who scored 16 points and Raming (G9), who scored 10 points.  The Falcons played a hard-fought game, but it wasn't enough to stop the Stallions, who scored 9 3-point baskets and played strong defense throughout the game.

iMTM - C.P. Group

To ensure our students have the best opportunity to discover what opportunities are available to them once they graduate we had xxx in for a talk yesterday.

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