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UCIS Update

Students in Grade 4A have been working hard with their character education this year. On Friday, students learn their new habit: Synergize, and participated in some team building activities where they had to work together and communicate to achieve success. Students had a lot of fun and worked hard together!

Grade 7 Science

Our Grade 7 UP students are working hard on their latest science projects!

Math Grade 10-11

Happy Pi Day! (3.14) Check out the latest projects from our Grade 10 & 11 Math classes!

Anti Bully Week

Note re ACIS Summer Camp

Dear Parents, we are so excited about our upcoming Summer School program for ACIS. We cannot wait to share with students our school identity and share our learning styles. We have decided to limit our program to 3 weeks in order to ensure that our building and facilities are ready. We hope to see you all on July 15th! Any questions please email


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