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UCIS Update

Apologies to the lateness of this update. It looks like the air quality is getting better but we continue to be vigilant and are monitoring the air regularly. Students are still inside with each classroom having a Coway Air Purifier. All PE classes will continue to be held in the cafeteria and in our fitness studio.

Anti-Bullying Week

As you already know, this week is our anti-bullying campaign to help raise awareness, discuss any related topics, and get the students thinking about this important issue. This is something that UCIS takes very seriously and will not tolerate. Our goal for the week is to help raise awareness, talk about the different forms of bullying, and teach what things can be done to prevent or stop bullying. 

Teacher Matthew (G5B) and Teacher Rami (ESL G3-6) will host a short discussion tomorrow morning for the students whereby several short speeches will be delivered by the student council, and a quick video. This special assembly should be finished by 8:30am.

Teachers will also briefly mention bullying and have a short discussion with their own students today in order to prep the students for an open discussion, which we occur tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow, we will begin selling anti-bullying wristbands for 35 baht and all funds raised will be used to support the student council.

**Grades 7-11 are doing their own lessons/discussions/videos within the ESL and English classes this week. This is our first year doing the anti-bullying campaign, so we hope that next year this can be built off of and improved upon.

Thanks to Teacher Rami for taking the lead on this important topic.

International Day.

At U2, we welcome parents to attend from 8am-12pm with a host of activities planned.

Please note that for U1, this is a student only event and parents will not be invited to participate. We want to make the day fun for our U1 children and they will be distracted if parents attend. We hope you understand.

Central Festival Promotion

Due to the success of our Christmas promotion in Central Festival, this week, The Ambassador Project is hosting another promotional event. First day images can be seen below. Please tell anyone you know who may have an interest in attending any of these schools to attend. It is located on the first floor.


They are available by clicking here


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