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Unity's Community is Sharing - April 28th

Today UCIS was able to provide fresh lunches at 2 different locations. One group donated lunches to the Social Welfare Office in Chiang Mai City Hall, where they are still working each day and the other group donated fresh lunches to the COVID Checkpoint on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Super Highway. Individuals at these checkpoints are working endlessly to ensure we continue to stay safe and healthy here in Chiang Mai. Between both locations, we donated 220 lunches. What a privilege it is to be able to assist those who are helping others with something so small, yet it has such a powerful impact in the community. Thank you to everyone who has graciously donated your child’s lunch and for all the Staff and Administration who have worked together to prepare, pack, and serve the meals in the local community. #Unity’s Community is Sharing” Project 2020.


City Hall


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